Love … demonstrate loving behaviors that show people are of high value.

Serve … serve God by serving others both within and outside our church family.

Restore … renew God’s purpose in all who need it by activating and personalizing His grace and forgiveness.

Grow … make God deposits in each other through intentionally formed relationships that cause growth toward or in Christ.

Our vision for The Bridge Community Church is simple. We are here to reach the unchurched, teach Jesus Christ, and make disciples. We commit to the mission by being Spirit-Formed, Purpose Driven, and Life Applicable. 

By now you’re probably wondering, “What do they really believe?” The Bridge Community Church is a local congregation connected to the Church of God in Cleveland, Tennessee.

When we say Spirit-Formed, we are talking about life formed and developed by the Holy Spirit.

 When we say Purpose Driven, we mean that life has purpose and God has a plan for you.

 When we say Life Applicable, we strive to connecting our daily lives to God and His Word.

 With over 100 years of ministerial experience, our staff is a group of people who care about their community. They have a heart for God and a love for the family. They are committed to leadership that is innovative, creative, and interactive.

To see us in action, you really need to visit!